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CCC Monthly Materials


Month 1

Learning about High Blood Pressure (HBP) and how to monitor at home.

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Month 3

Practical ways we can be physically active to stay healthy.


Month 2

Preventing HBP by eating smart.

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Month 4

How mental wellness is connected to our physical health.

A note from our local providers

Thank you for monitoring your blood pressure. 


A blood pressure that is high only one time doesn’t mean that you have high blood pressure (hypertension). Sometimes anxiety, pain, stress, or other issues can cause a short-term rise in blood pressure. It later returns to normal. High blood pressure is a long-term (chronic) illness. But we should all monitor our blood pressure periodically because untreated high blood pressure can lead to very serious medical problems including kidney damage, heart attacks and strokes. 


Blood pressure measurements are given as 2 numbers. Systolic blood pressure is the upper number. This is the pressure when the heart contracts. Diastolic blood pressure is the lower number. This is the pressure when the heart relaxes between beats. You will see your blood pressure readings written together. For example, a person with a systolic pressure of 118 and a diastolic pressure of 78 will have 118/78 written in the medical record. Everyone's blood pressure should be less than 140/90. Ideally it would be even lower than 130/80. 


Don’t put this off! High blood pressure can be treated. High blood pressure that’s not treated raises your risk for heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease, and stroke. 


You are welcome to come to the clinic any time if you have any questions or concerns about your blood pressure. 


Seek medical care urgently by coming to the clinic or calling 911 if you have any of these: 

  • Blood pressure of 180/120 or higher 

  • Chest pain or shortness of breath 

  • Weakness of an arm or leg or one side of the face 

  • Problems speaking or seeing 



Murray Buttner, M.D. and Megan Sarnecki, MD 

Medical Directors 

Iliuliuk Family and Health Services 

(907) 581-1202 


Lori Jackson, FNP-C 

Medical Director  

Oonalaska Wellness Center 

(907) 581-2742 

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