The Qawalangin Tribe fisheries program joins biologists, social scientists, and outreach/educators with stakeholders to develop a system of cooperative resource management for subsistence while additionally creating programs for youth education and strategic community outreach.

Our Current Objectives

  • Build on partnership with Alaska Department of Fish and Game to work toward co-management of the weir at McLees Lake, to monitor sockeye salmon escapement of this important subsistence salmon run.

  • Build and strengthen existing collaborative relationships with sister Tribes, local and regional partner organizations, and federal and state agencies.

  • Engage in youth and community education outreach on subsistence fisheries management, including opportunities for students and local residents to engage in fisheries and research management projects. 

  • Identify and communicate regional subsistence management issues and information needs to the Federal Subsistence Management Program.

  • Engage local subsistence users in the Federal Subsistence Management Program.

  • Facilitate and conduct research and management projects which provide information for federal subsistence managers.


Program Staff