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Local Artists


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Unangax artist, Lydia Dirks, is a local artist empowered by her culture's potent history. She feels a natural responsibility to connect with her culture through art and has used it to draw strength, healing, and creativity.


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See Lynda's work! Prints and more available.

Lynda is a long time professional musician and Unalaska resident, with several CD recordings including An Aleut Lullaby and Aleutian Noel featuring selected songs sung in the Unangan language. Her photography began as a hobby which has blossomed into a second vocation. She believes that Gratitude is the key to a fully enriched life, and that Unalaska's natural and wild beauty provide daily opportunities to be thankful


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Inspired by our natural environment, indigenous artist Mariza explores issues of mental health and self-love with hopes of advocating care for our planet and ourselves so that collectively we may experience our full potential.  

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With a profound respect for the power of connection, Kaye believes real medicine is a force that connects, and beauty is medicine that encourages that connection. In order to share beauty, one must first see it, and further embody through gratitude. Her creations reflect this navigation process and internal alchemy. Photography, commissioned art including: digital, acrylic, and tattoo design available. Contact

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