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The objectives of the Recycling and Backhaul program are to:

  1. Provide training and build capacity for the Tribe to act as the Regional Coordination entity for the Backhaul Alaska program.

  2. Extend the life of the Unalaska Municipal Landfill by encouraging landfill diversion activities including transport of recyclable materials off the island.

  3. Partner with the City of Unalaska to support  and increase household hazardous waste collection events and other solid waste management initiatives.

  4. Establish a sustainable recycling program including identifying vendors to haul and accept materials.

  5. Protect human health and the environment by preventing hazardous materials including lead acid batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and electronic wastes from entering the landfill.

Recycle here sign.jpg

2021 Backhaul sign; look for 2022 event in mid-August!

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