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The ability of the Unangax̂ people to thrive in the Aleutian Islands for thousands of years was developed with an understanding of self within place. Our ancestors understood that the natural world operates on reciprocity.


It is important to extend our respect beyond human-to-human interactions, to all beings and ecological systems that are necessary in the process of human life.

We believe that through Indigenous perspectives, we can lead a path of healing and restoring environmental balances. 

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Join our 2nd Annual Earth Day contest and decorate your window according to this year's theme OR take a photo of yourself in our walking route and be entered in a drawing to win a prize! Please see the contest flyer for details.

 Tanaĝnangin Iĝayuusalix anĝaĝiimchin aĝnax̂ txichin

Live with and respect the land, sea, and all nature.

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Earth Day Walking Route

     Unalaska Senior Center --> Qawalangin Tribe Office

To Participate:

1. Take a photo of your decorated window OR take a photo of yourself on our Earth Day Walking route

2. Submit your photo to for a chance to win a prize!

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